Employers, Money-Saving Tips for Group Health Offerings

Posted on: March 23, 2016 by Javier iSure

In order to be aligned with ACA regulations, employers are obligated to offer health insurance to their employees. While this may be difficult for some smaller companies, the direct correlation between offering comprehensive benefits and employee retention are staggering. In order to save money on your Group Health Insurance, consider the following advice. Choose a […] Read More

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The Need for Contractors to Carry Cyber Liability Insurance

Posted on: March 16, 2016 by Javier iSure

The looming threats of cyber exposures have increased drastically over the last few years. Many companies don’t understand the true risk of going without this protection. However, the truth is, any company that stores and processes information digitally is at risk and are liable for any ensuing damages. Unfortunately, contractors are no exception. While many […] Read More

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Luxury Home Maintenance

Posted on: March 10, 2016 by Javier iSure

Owning a beautiful home is something most people aspire to do. However, the upkeep and maintenance on such grand estates is a labor of love. From keeping the curb appeal fresh to waxing real wood floors, there is no shortage of chores to maintain your home’s beauty. With these simple suggestions, your home will stay […] Read More

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Why Contractors Need General Liability Insurance

Posted on: March 7, 2016 by Javier iSure

Owning a contractor business in this thriving market is undoubtedly rewarding. However, with business ownership comes inherent risk exposures. Especially for contractors and other construction personnel, this industry faces numerous threats varying from bodily injury to damage to your business’ storefront. As we take a closer look at the common exposures that contractors face, it […] Read More

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