DIY Surgery Robot: Medicine’s Future?

Posted on: July 30, 2015 by Javier iSure

A Dutch born interaction designer has been inspired to create a robot that is capable of performing simple, inexpensive operations with minimal doctor supervision. The recent graduate of London’s Royal College of Art, Frank Kolkman, cited America’s middle-class citizens and their lack of medical access as the source for his idea. While his concept is only theoretical, it’s imperative to ensure your Miami Healthcare Liability coverage parallels the technological advancements being made in healthcare.

In an ideal setting, the Open Surgery Machine would be able to perform simple surgeries with three or more small keyhole incisions such as appendectomies, prostate operations, hysterectomies, and also colon and general inspections without the help of a doctor, as reported by Fast Company. As surgical bots are already in use for some standard operations, Kolkman wishes to expand on this technology.

Kolkman claimed that oddly enough, YouTube videos were a source of inspiration for his design. While it may seem outlandish, Kolkman discusses the numerous videos where uninsured Americans demonstrate DIY alternatives to professional medical care. “America has the most advanced health care industry in the world, but there is this growing group of middle-class U.S. citizens who have no access to it, and YouTube is currently filling this gap,” states Kolkman.

“I hope that by challenging the socioeconomic frameworks the current health care systems operate within, where health care is valued in terms of money and labor, my project raises questions about the social value of health care by showing an alternative approach,” stated Kolkman.

Although this invention may seem like the perfect blend of medical pragmatics and wild innovation, Kolkman is realistic about its potential failure to launch. He acknowledges the liability and risks associated with the concept, as well as the legal implications. However, despite the obvious hindrances, Kolkman states that patents would be a huge debacle as most of the basic technologies it uses are heavily regulated by existing patents.

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