Establishing an Effective Return to Work Program

Posted on: May 11, 2016 by Javier iSure

Unfortunately, for many contractors, workplace injuries can be fairly common. From slips and falls to debilitating injuries, there is no shortage of opportunity for these professionals to get hurt. As injured employees contribute to loss of productivity and morale, getting them back to work quickly can improve your bottom line. Therefore, here are some ways to establish an effective return to work program in your business. More importantly, however, is ensuring your operation is safeguarded with a comprehensive Miami Workers Compensation policy.

Create a relationship with medical providers.

A medical professional who is informed on your unique practices can help make educated decisions on when an injured employee can return to work. Furthermore, include detailed job descriptions when communicating with the doctor about the condition of your injured employee to ensure they will be back to able to perform all of their duties with ease. Bear in mind that this will create a more efficient procedure and can get your employees back on the job quicker.

Get the worker back on the job.

Offers to return to temporary alternate work have the greatest potential for cost savings when they’re made in time to prevent a medical-only claim from becoming a lost-time claim; this could involve modifying an existing job, or combining tasks from others’ jobs, says Integrity. This will decrease recovery-related expenses, even if the employee is only able to perform a portion of their original tasks. Be sure to consult with the employee to make sure the arrangement is fair and agreeable.

Be flexible.

Let the other workers know about the injury and his/her new role while in recovery so they are able to accommodate it. Coach others to help the injured employee during this time and show your gratitude and appreciation for their efforts. Overall, this will foster a more positive attitude for everyone and allow the employee to get back into the groove of work gracefully.

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