Establish an Effective Workplace Safety Program

Posted on: September 25, 2015 by Javier iSure

A safe work environment can contribute to a decrease in workers’ comp claims and injuries at the workplace. In order to operate a safe facility, ensure your policy is OSHA compliant and equipped with Miami Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Here are some tips to ensure your workplace is a safe environment.

Analyzing your Site- Experts recommend having a professional consultant analyze the dangers of your workplace. It is the employer’s responsibility to determine the risks and actively prevent injuries. To do so accurately, gather information about the workplace and assess the situation.

Request a Consultation: A professional safety and health consultant can investigate your business and identify risk factors in your workplace and what additional risks could potentially develop over time.

Commit to Evaluating: Encourage management to take the time to ensure the steps of each role are completed safely and the equipment is functioning properly.

Encourage Dialogue: If your employees view something as dangerous, create open lines of communication and a way for them to report these hazards. Similarly, a thorough investigation of new processes or common injury areas to prevent recurrences is also recommended.

Fulfilling Safety Requirements- Once risks are identified, it is the employer’s responsibility to implement these safety strategies.

Set up Procedures: Train employees on the proper procedures of their duties and follow them closely. A disciplinary action system should be put into place to encourage compliance, as well. Provide specialty safety equipment, if necessary, and provide regular equipment maintenance to prevent breakdowns that can create hazards, according to Biz Filings.

Safety Plan:  According to Insurance Risk Plan, work place safety programs help organizations reduce work-related injuries and illness, promoting and rewarding safe practices, and eliminating fatalities in the work place. As such, plan for emergencies and have the necessary contacts and equipment handy to remedy the situation.

Personal concern for employee well-being is critical. Demonstrate your concern by making their safety a priority and ensuring the proper training, maintenance, and solution to safety issues is present. At iSure Brokers, we understand there are inherent risks with operating a business and we are here to solve an assortment of insurance needs. Our business program covers workers’ compensation, asset and property protection, and more. For additional information, contact us today at (855) 381-6123.

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