How Condo Associations Can Improve Safety on the Premises

Posted on: August 15, 2019 by Javier iSure

No matter what kind of property a condo association oversees, whether it’s a gated community or neighborhood street or condo association, the well-being and safety of all those who live on-site should be the most important factors.

From condo location to local ordinances and laws to budget, there are a number of factors that play a role when outlining an effective safety plan and overall safe environment for a condo community. Here are some ways in which a condo association can improve the safety of its premises.

Keeping a Condo Association Board Safe

For the condo association itself, not ensuring the safety of the community and the people living there can open the door to plenty of liabilities and risks. Condo owners can take it upon themselves to bring claims of negligence against a condo association or bring up complaints of endangerment against a board’s members.

For a condo association, leaders can invest in condo association insurance to make sure everyone is protected from claims related to safety. From cybercrimes to breaking and entering situations, having condo association insurance can supply the financial backup when litigation is pursued.

Life Safety Systems

Ensuring that life safety systems are up to code is an important first step in determining just how safe a condo association is. Looking for things like out-of-date fire alarm systems or malfunctioning systems is one way in which to make sure that the premises are able to keep community members safe. Life safety systems are integral parts of a building that protect against things like fires, smoke, and other hazards.

Automated sprinkler systems help keep fires from spreading once they start. They should be inspected on a regular basis to make sure they can still take care of their task at hand, just like fire alarms, which should be able to detect levels of smoke and sound an alarm to inform those in the vicinity.

These items and more are managed by a county and state’s codes, laws, and other regulations. A condo association should ensure that they are contracting with an appropriate service to test their systems regularly.

Having a Security Plan

A condo association should ensure they have a well-lined plan for how to handle the security in their community. Start with a requirements process then seek out different ways in which those requirements can be met.

If an association needs a barrier to keep those inside safer, an association needs to determine if it will be a fence or a wall, and how tall and what it’s made out of. There are a number of different variables that can make up one component of a safety system like this, illustrating just how important and well-thought-out a security plan needs to be.

Assessing what a community needs should be a major step in a security plan as this will show which areas of a community need to be upgraded or expanded. If an association already has security cameras, it may need self-closing doors instead of more cameras. Instead of a code system to get in, perhaps a fob system for the doors is what’s needed. A management firm may be able to help with this entire process and all its ins and outs, but having an idea of what a community needs from the start will make the process easier.

Gauge the Community

Condo owners in the association also need to make sure they’re being responsible. Board members should be encouraging these condo owners to be safe and responsible for their own safety and the safety of their home.

This can be done in a number of ways including informing owners of what’s going on with regards to security incidents and provide them with ease of access to information relevant to security and their safety. Emails and push notifications can also be sent out providing quick summaries of any incidents as well as any updates to the security of the community. Also, owners should be informed to test out their smoke detectors or replace batteries if they need to be changed out. There are a number of quick and easy ways to keep them informed and everyone safe.

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