How to Create a Workplace Safety Program that Really Works

Posted on: August 29, 2019 by Javier iSure

Starting a workplace safety program or refreshing the one you have is always an effective way to put your employees’ health and well-being first while also staying productive. Building an effective health and safety program for the first time or rebooting one is a major undertaking, so it’s important to understand the basic requirements and challenges facing the industry and your business.

When it comes to workplace injury claims, the workers’ compensation insurance industry is playing a major role in the effectiveness of these workplace safety programs. Employers are trying out new health models and states’ leaders are even taking workers’ compensation in new directions based on individual laws.

But it’s still important for business leaders to make sure they’re doing what they can to ensure the safety of their employees and the workplace they work in every day. Here are some ways in which supervisors and business owners can put well-being first and instill an environment of safety.

Protecting from the Start

One way to keep a company safe as well as employees is to invest in workers’ compensation insurance. This kind of coverage is a fully comprehensive piece of coverage that can provide the right level of financial coverage if any claims are made within a company. Employees can take heart knowing their company is looking out for their safety and well-being, not to mention their financial status, and a company can operate knowing any claims made against them will be protected.

Assess Risks and Hazards

Every workplace is different and has its own unique risks baked in. Getting a proper assessment of everyday hazards specific to your workplace will help to outline what you need to prepare against. In addition to receiving a professional assessment, management should also put out a company-wide survey to hear from employees as far as what they think needs more attention. Since the employees work around these issues every day, they can often give insight about risks and hazards in a more authentic and effective way.

Make sure to create a distinction between workplace hazards, such as layout and design, with activity hazards, like machine-related problems.

Create a Protocol

After an assessment has been performed, business owners need to start creating the guidelines for a safety program. There needs to be created a safety culture that displays and promotes accountability and must state specifically the problems and requirements regarding safety and health responsibilities for each employee. Having these requirements written down as protocol is critical because it can reduce risks related to misinterpretation.

Educate Employees

After an assessment is done and employees are informed, it’s time to go deeper and promote education and understanding. Employee training is always done when the employee is first brought on, but it’s still good to refresh their memory of workplace safety topics and keep them abreast of updates and trends. These sporadic refreshers can also help employees stay in the know of the latest procedures, helping to lay the foundation for a workplace safety program that is all-inclusive and fresh.

Evaluate Progress

It’s important to make sure to look into any and all workplace accidents, even if they’re small in nature. More often than not, small incidents are preventable and it’s important to determine the cause in order to create safer solutions in the future. Always make sure to invite employee feedback and make it a priority when course-correcting any workplace safety procedures.

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