How to Encourage Employees to Report Workplace Injuries and Safety Hazards

Posted on: September 26, 2019 by Javier iSure

No matter the job site or industry, employees can sustain injuries of all shapes and sizes. However, these workers are relatively reluctant to report any injury to their employer. In fact, in a study from Percy Hughes and Roberts Solicitors, roughly 38 percent of employees across all industries reported that they were too scared to report an injury, fearing they would make their employer angry.

It is important to encourage employees to report injuries because when they’re not reported more dangerous practices and injuries can occur. By encouraging employees to report injuries and opting for training and education, the workplace can become a safe environment while boosting transparency and trust between worker and supervisor.

Communication is Key

While employees may opt out of informing their employer of an injury for fear of retaliation, they should know that it’s actually more consequential to fail to report any injuries or hazards. Financial penalties for themselves or their employer could be sustained and more injuries and illnesses against other employees could also take place. What’s more, workers’ compensation insurance programs are there to supply financial help for companies during claims as well as provide help for individuals who have gone through a workplace injury.

In-service training on workplace hazards, safety procedures, and how to report risk and injury is a good way to make employees aware of any potential dangers in their workplace. Employers should be sure to remind their employees that reporting isn’t a time-consuming step and can help to keep others safe in the process.

Another way to boost communication and encourage employees that their feedback is meaningful is through reporting results. By showing how hazards have been removed and gear has been updated, for instance, this shows that proactive steps are being considered and reporting is valuable.

Incentivize Employees

In most cases, money simply talks. Providing compensation, such as financial rewards or time off or free food, to employees who take their health and safety seriously can help encourage others to speak up. Offering incentives and rewards for reporting or more company-wide marks, like no-incident days can be a good idea, and an even better option is to offer kudos around reporting dangerous practices, malfunctioning machinery, outdated safety gear, and materials deemed hazardous.

Reward Positive Actions

Recognition of employee initiative and reporting is a good way to encourage more employees to speak up when something has happened or can potentially happen. If there is an incident, publicly acknowledge and commend the individual or department head who reported on it. From there, employers should react to the issue at hand immediately and find ways to make employees aware of what has been done to correct the risks and prevent more injuries or illnesses from occurring.

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