Managing Workers’ Comp Claims: Employer Tips

Posted on: September 2, 2015 by Javier iSure

As Workers Compensation Insurance Miami is required for any business throughout the city, it is critical to understand the necessary steps to take following an accident. Proper management of these claims can help to reduce liability, potential litigation, and employee backlash.

While workers’ comp claims are inevitable, preventing the majority of these injuries can be possible with proper training programs, safety precautions, proper procedures. In the event of an accident, consider the following solutions.

Report the Claim- The injury should be reported immediately. A recent Harvard poll studied the correlation between the speed with which a workers’ compensation injury is reported and the total cost of the claim, according to Lanier Upshaw. The research found that the longer the company waits to report the injury, the higher the cost of damages.

Investigate Injury- Prompt investigation will allow an accurate recount of what occurred, while the incident is fresh in the witnesses’ and victim’s minds. The claims adjuster and the supervisor should discuss the events with each person involved to determine who, what, when, where, why, and how the incident happened.

Document Accident- Photos, signed statements, and notes should be taken throughout each step to guarantee accuracy. In addition, this information should be dated, labeled, and filed in addition to backing up any computer documents.

Medical Release- Once the injury is examined, it is recommended that the employee sign a medical release to the employer to grant access to medical records to avoid delays in treatment.

Return to Work Plan- This prevents claims from escalating and shows the worker they are valued and properly cared for. In turn, less productivity and team morale will be lost in the long run.

Stay in Touch- A Gallup survey recently found that 76 percent of injured workers who felt their informational needs were being met also felt healthy enough to return to work. As such, communication with the employee about updates and status of work return is critical. Experts recommend keeping in touch with the worker in order to avoid making the employee feel alienated.

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