What Do Your Employees Want to Know About Group Health Insurance?

Posted on: November 11, 2019 by iSure

You are bound to get many questions from your employees about their group health benefits. After all, group health insurance is a mandatory coverage and a major motivating factor for job seekers across the country. Some of these questions may be easy to answer, while others may require a conversation with your group health broker. Review these commonly asked questions and their answers so you’ll be prepared for their inevitable appearance.

Am I obligated to enroll in my employer’s health insurance plan?

If an employee does not want to sign up for his or her new employer’s health coverage, there is no requirement to do so; however, they just might be easily eligible to maintain strong new coverage that you make available to them. Keep in mind that if the employee is married and covered under a spouse’s plan, his or her coverage could be subject to cancellation based on the spouse’s employer plan rules. Some employers do not allow spouse coverage if the spouse is eligible for his or her own insurance through another employer. Your group health broker can explain who is eligible and who isn’t. 

Is there a waiting period before I can get health insurance?

Most businesses do have a waiting prior to new employees being eligible to enroll in an employer-sponsored health plan. It can be anywhere from two weeks to a month (with coverage beginning on the first of the month after the waiting period). For instance, if a business has a month-long waiting period before an employee is eligible, and coverage begins on the first of the month after meeting the waiting period, then an employee who begins on January 10 would enroll on February 10, and his or her coverage would begin on March 1. Employees without health insurance may want to consider short-term health coverage while waiting for new employer-sponsored coverage to begin. Your health broker can help you and your employees along the way. 

 Can I go to any doctor under my health plan?

This question depends on the employee’s health insurance plan type. HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization) and EPOs (Exclusive Provider Organizations), typically, do not offer benefits outside of their plan networks, except of course if there is a legitimate emergency. PPOs offer enhanced benefits if a member seeks to use an in-network provider but usually offer a reduced benefit when members go out-of-network. Plans vary greatly, so it is important for members (both employees and dependents) to know in advance what is covered and where they would be covered. Be sure to speak with your group health broker about this. 

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