Which Benefits Do Today’s Employees Want?

Posted on: June 20, 2019 by Javier iSure

Some companies may go to extra lengths to attract and retain talent, making perks and benefits packages almost as important as pay. Google offers its employees a death benefit, giving half of an employee’s salary to their spouse for 10 years following their demise. And Facebook offers its interns free housing, a much better perk for college workers than free snacks that other companies usually give them.

But if your company can’t offer essentially five years’ worth of pay or set up interns in paid-for housing, it’s still important to know what you can offer to potential employees to entice the best possible talent. Beyond a competitive salary, paid time off, and an effective group health insurance plan (the baseline of employee benefits for any business in 2019), there are still plenty of benefits that can keep your workers happy.

Performance-Based Incentives

Compensation from incentives, such as bonuses, rank pretty high for workers and can be a deciding factor when an employee is considering taking up a job offer. Whether it’s cash bonuses, profit sharing or stock options, companies that offer these types of benefits can see their vacancies fill up pretty dependably.

Flexible Work Schedule and Work-From-Home

It’s becoming more and more common to allow workers to telecommute, working from home once or twice a week. Plus, with the gig economy soaring, which sees contract and freelance employees doing their work completely offsite, it’s not unheard of to use this as a bargaining chip.

The option to work from home, even just once a week, can help to provide a more casual, less stressful work environment, giving employees a break from the typical Monday through Friday schedule.

Caregiver Leave

It’s important for employees to take time away from work to take care of their child or other loved one, like a parent, spouse, or family friend. Caring for an elderly family member or adult dependent may not be an option for employees who are expected to be at work every day, all day. If a company does not allow this option, workers may not take an offer on the table.

Training and Career Development Opportunities

Training and development options for potential employees are vital today, especially if workers are looking to stick around for a significant amount of time. Why would someone want to take on a new role that doesn’t have any, or very limited, potential for growth in the company? Professional development programs and an overall environment of allowing educational opportunities, such as workshops or even sitting in on meetings with other departments, can go a long way, showing that the company wants to keep employees around.

On-Site Gym and Health Facilities

Wellness programs and on-site gyms put an emphasis on the overall health of the employees at a company, highlighting that a company cares for the well-being of those who help keep the lights on. Putting in a gym, offering up classes, like yoga and high-intensity interval training, and dropping in diet programs can help to retain employees looking for a complete life-changing decision when taking on a new rule.

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