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Dental Malpractice Insurance from iSure

Ask some patients today and they’ll tell you the conflict resolution method of choice is a lawsuit. That’s why dental malpractice insurance from iSure Insurance Brokers is a necessary component of doing business in Miami and surrounding areas, because the threat of a mistake—dental malpractice—looms constantly.

Policy covers on many fronts

Your iSure team can provide a quality policy from the nation’s leading providers of dental malpractice coverage. This is a form of professional liability insurance, and is designed to offer protection for dentists and most professionals in the dental industry. The policy pays for the following:

  • Judgments or settlements
  • Attorney fees
  • Court costs and legal fees
  • Consultations if you are subpoenaed to appear in court as a witness or dental expert

What actions may trigger a claim?

It’s essential to have coverage in place to protect you, but from a risk management standpoint, it’s likewise important to understand and avoid the events that historically have often led to a claim and, in many cases, a substantial damage award:

  • Failing to diagnose or treat illness, dysfunction, or disease
  • Failing to refer patients to a specialist
  • Failing to obtain informed consent from the patent or the patient’s legal guardian
  • Failing to properly perform prosthodontics work (e.g., fitting crowns and bridges)
  • Failing to provide a basic standard of quality orthodontic work
  • Extracting the wrong tooth or performing tooth extractions improperly or inappropriately
  • Complications resulting from anesthesia or adverse drug reactions
  • Causing injury to the patient by mishandling the drill

Sometimes the unthinkable happens

With decades of experience in the business, the team of professionals at iSure has seen it all. We realize that frivolous claims will be made at times, as will valid ones. Our goal is to make sure that either way, you – the dental professional – are protected all along the way with a dental malpractice policy from your advisors at iSure. To obtain a free quote at no obligation, simply click here.