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Marine Insurance

With the staggering amount of sophisticated technology at the operators’ disposal and equipment that does all the heavy lifting, it would seem that shipping cargo on the high seas is a fairly straightforward endeavor. Not so. Unforeseen delays in delivery, accidental misdirection, theft, spoilage, on-board pest infestations, Customs holdups — even pirates — could threaten the receipt of your cargo in good order. That’s why, for optimum safety, goods (and the vessels that they are being shipped in) need a marine insurance policy from iSure Insurance Brokers.

Keeping cargo safe from beginning to end

Marine insurance offers protection for cargo from many types of damage or loss that may occur during shipment between its point of origin and its final destination. Businesses small and large in a range of industries historically have relied on this valuable coverage:

  • Marine transportation companies
  • Marine contractors/subcontractors
  • Importers/exporters of raw materials and/or unfinished goods
  • Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers
  • Stevedore or terminal operators
  • Ship repairers/boat builders
  • Non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs)

For more than three decades, the experts at iSure have been the go-to source for quality, affordable marine insurance for shipments of cargo, goods, freight, and merchandise originating in Miami, Miami Beach, and Key Biscayne. We work closely with you to ensure your shipment is properly documented to avoid delays, misdirection, or Customs seizure.

We also work with the best insurers in the business — cutting-edge carriers that always seek to improve and expedite the shipping experience. To that end, we will share with you new ways to execute account management with online vessel verifications, insurance certificates, and other such documents.

Anything can happen on the way to market

It’s estimated that five or six million cargo containers are in transit across the ocean at any given time; an unknown number of those containers are lost in international shipping lanes when washed overboard by large waves or powerful gusting winds, stolen, damaged, or otherwise compromised. With marine insurance from iSure protecting that precious cargo, shippers can rest assured knowing that if the cargo doesn’t make it to its destination, the insurance will.