Understanding the Most Common Dental Malpractice Disputes

Posted on: November 18, 2015 by Javier iSure

As a medical professional, you know the importance of carrying Dental Malpractice Insurance. With over 16,000 claims filed each year, dentists are at high risk for litigation cases. As we disclose the most common types of claims, evaluate your coverage to ensure it is current and comprehensive.

According to the Bureau of Justice, the median price tag for a dental malpractice judgment is around $53,000-which doesn’t include the cost of legal defense. Even though some are not directly correlated with the performance of your work, listed below are the most common malpractice claims that dentists face.

Failure to Provide Information- Claims could arise if it is determined that the dentist did not provide information about all the possible treatment options and the risks associated with each. In turn, patients may claim that they were unable to make an informed decision about their dental care, according to Insureon.

Treatment Failure- If the patient suffers additional injury during the treatment such as tooth damage or botched treatments, litigation may ensue. In addition, patients may also claim that the dentist failed to notice another issue during their scheduled procedure.

Nerve Damage- Claims resulting from dentists who allegedly damage the lingual or inferior alveolar nerve while giving anesthesia or removing teeth is also common says Insureon.

Professional Advice Validity- Patients may claim that you failed to offer accurate professional advice or refer them to a specialist when it was needed.

Misdiagnosis- These claims range from diagnosing incorrectly, failure to diagnose in general, and even diagnosing too late.

Products Liability- If they are found faulty, dentists may be held liable for the products they use. Although they are clearly not the manufacturer of the items, they may still be at fault in a legal case.

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