The Perks of Offering Employee Benefits

Posted on: May 5, 2020 by iSure

Have you ever wondered about the true value of offering employee benefits? The worth of these benefits exceeds what some employers might assume. Employers can start by asking themselves how important these benefits are to their employees.

Does Providing Employee Benefits Pay Off?

Recent studies have concluded that the majority of employees prefer having new or additional benefits instead of a pay increase. Good wages are of course important, but so are good benefits. Benefits are extremely desirable to employees and can improve your business by increasing loyalty, focus, productivity, attendance, and recruiting. Let’s explore the perks of employee benefits, and the advantages your business could enjoy.

Increased Loyalty

Offering employee benefits will likely increase employee loyalty. Having a benefits package is an extremely important factor for how most employees feel about their employer and/or company they work for.

Also, employees seek the freedom of choosing their benefits to match their lifestyles and the ability to customize benefits increases their loyalty. Some employees even view improving their benefits package as a way that their employers can keep them at the company.

Increased Focus and Productivity

A lack of benefits can impact your employees’ abilities to focus and be productive at work if they are worried about things in their personal lives, such as childcare, illnesses, and finances. Many employees even lose sleep over these concerns.  Sleepy, worried employees lack focus at work.

Offering benefits that help employees relieve their stress allow them to take care of issues beyond work and can therefore be more present on the job.

Increased Attendance

Employees are more likely to show up to work when they have benefits. Top reasons for absenteeism in the workplace are finances, family commitments, and health issues. Providing benefits can reduce the number of financial errands employees need to attend to, reduce the amount of work employees miss for family matters, and are less likely to run into serious health concerns as they are able to take preventative measures.

Improved Recruiting

Offering benefits allows you to improve your ability to attract candidates and hire new employees. You might think a large paycheck is what attracts employees. But benefits are equally as important as wages. Most employees are at least somewhat likely to accept a job with slightly lower pay if it has better benefits and are more likely to accept a job offer if they have health, wellbeing, and flextime benefits. The best Florida employee benefits are at your fingertips with isure insurance brokers.

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