How to Get a Group Health Insurance Quote

Posted on: March 9, 2020 by iSure

A group health insurance plan is a health insurance policy that a business can provide to their employees. In today’s economy, this is not just a luxury. In fact, employees expect this benefit through this employer.

Prices for health insurance are filed with state authorities annually. You will want to get a Florida group health insurance quote to know what to expect when you purchase an insurance plan for your employees.

Group Health Insurance Quotes Explained

Group health insurance quotes are commonly inquired for those with small businesses with less than 50 full-time, or full-time equivalents, employees. For the most part, group health insurance is a single policy that provides coverage for the entirety of the company’s employees and, quite possibly, their dependents.

On average, group health insurance often costs less than individual health insurance does because the risks are spread throughout the entire group of employees.

Getting Quotes

You are able to obtain free quotes and this is very valuable.  The value lies in the fact that you can easily compare different plans against each other, weighing the pros and cons of each one. You will want to make sure that your business plan satisfies various criteria. Consider the following while seeking to get a group health insurance quote:


With adjustable deductible and co-payment options for your group health insurance plan quotes, it is much easier to find affordable monthly premiums for your employees.

Without any Obligation

Note that you are under no obligation to purchase group health insurance when you obtain the quote; nor will you be locked into paying for an insurance plan during this process.

Options and Other Considerations

An agent can help you obtain a Florida group health insurance quote and create a plan that fits your budget, needs, and preferences. Each state will differ, so get a Florida group health insurance quote today to get started.  Contact iSure to quickly and easily obtain a quote from a friendly agent. An agent can explain to you more in-depth how the process works and what exactly is needed as you may need to provide some basic information about your business. Each business is unique and it is best to discuss the details with your insurer. iSure is ready to help and prepared to assist you in getting a group health insurance quote.

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