Decrease Miami Life Insurance Costs by Increasing Healthy Habits

Posted on: June 3, 2015 by Javier iSure

Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves and their health? There are many ways to achieve this; a couple methods being eating right and exercising of course. What if healthy habits could be about more than just feeling good though… what if they could help decrease Miami Life Insurance costs? You may be surprised to find that this could actually be a reality.

When it comes to life insurance premiums, the biggest determining factor to cost is the amount of risk you present. Essentially, the greater risk there is of you passing away before your life insurance policy ends, the more you will have to pay per month. So the more you do to stay healthy, the less your risks are, and the lower your costs will go.

So how do you achieve this? There are some factors that cannot be controlled when it comes to your health; pre-existing conditions, your family’s medical history, or a life-altering injury being prime examples. But your lifestyle choices are under your control. Steps such as quitting smoking, getting a chronic medical condition under control, or getting rid of the excess weight that has labeled you as obese are all factors you can bring to your life insurance provider to inquire about getting a new quote or negotiating a better monthly rate.

What steps can you take right now to start increasing your healthy habits, and potentially reduce your health risks and decrease Miami life insurance costs? About Health recommends the following tips as starting points.

  1. Spend at least 30 minutes being active each day.
  2. Stock up on fruits, veggies, and other healthy snacks.
  3. Encourage your family to hold each other accountable, and cheer each other on, for food choices.
  4. Cut out the sugar.
  5. Eat breakfast every day.
  6. Get a good night’s sleep.
  7. Don’t eat out.

At iSure Insurance Brokers, we understand that you want to do everything in your power to reduce your insurance risks in order to lower costs. We will work with you to craft the kind of life insurance coverage you want to leave as your lasting legacy. For more information about our life and disability policies, as well as our other Miami Private Client Insurance Services, please contact us today at 855.381.6123.

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