Florida Ambulatory Surgery Centers Want More Time

Posted on: April 24, 2015 by Javier iSure

When it comes to helping patients recover from surgery, one of the most important elements is time. Time is vital when watching a patient come out of anesthesia, monitoring vital signs as the body responds to the procedure, and knowing when to properly administer medications. In fact, proper timing is one of the most important factors in helping prevent errors and mishaps which could lead to medical malpractice claims against health care providers. While recovery from surgery can not and should not be rushed, millions of patients who have procedures preformed at Florida Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) are not offered the same amount of recovery time as millions of other Americans.

According to the most recent data, more than 1 million same-day surgical procedures were performed in 2013 at some 400 ASCs throughout Florida. Under Florida law, these facilities are severely limited to the amount of time they are able to offer patients for recovery. Unlike federal policy, which allows patients to recover in an ASC for up to 24 hours, Florida patients are only given until the end of the same business day. Those patients who are not ready for discharge by the end of that business day often find themselves being transferred to an area hospital, which can be costly and dangerous for patients.

Many healthcare industry members have challenged these regulations and the Florida’s House Health & Human Services Committee recently approved a bill that would extending patient recovery times in Florida’s Ambulatory Surgery Centers. If passed by the state Senate HB 999 will allow ASC patients to safely recuperate in the surgical facility for up to 23 hours following minimally invasive surgical procedures. Proponents have been quick to point out that 34 other states currently have similar legislation already on the books.

Proponents also believe that the legislation has the potential to significantly reduce healthcare spending for patients, employers and insurers through reduced institutional admissions and cost-effective medical care delivery. According to federal data, ASCs are paid 55 percent by Medicare for offering the same surgical procedures delivered in the hospital outpatient department, thus reducing strain on local hospitals. Data also show that ASCs saved the federal Medicare program $7.5 billion from 2008-2011.

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