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Trade Credit & Accounts Receivables Insurance

Now that today’s technology can bring customers halfway around the world right to your door, companies are more likely to be affected by political instability and other events that happen far from their shores, introducing risk to their bottom line. The professionals at iSure Insurance Brokers have witnessed the corporate expansion and globalization of many Miami-area-based firms over the past few decades. As a result, we have intentionally nurtured relationships with premier insurance companies that have created new products to specifically address this growing risk.

Protection here based on what happens there

Trade credit & Accounts Receivables insurance offers protection for accounts receivable from unforeseen losses due to nonpayment resulting from insolvency, protracted default, or political events. The coverage can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs based on one of three foundations:

  • Whole turnover—insures all of your company’s receivables
  • Key accounts—insures only the largest customers or a certain type of customer as defined in the policy
  • Single debtor—insures you for risks associated with just one customer

The policy can be written to protect your domestic sales, export sales, or a combination of the two, and may be further defined by region or apply globally.

Who can benefit from this coverage?

You may wish to consider trade credit & Accounts Receivables insurance if your company:

  • Conducts business on open, unsecured credit terms or has a large amount of bad debt reserves
  • Experiences major export activity or international receivables
  • Has the bulk of accounts receivable in just a few accounts
  • Wants to obtain asset-based lending arrangements with banks
  • May want relief from the burden of collecting adequate credit information on customers, and seeks a credit partner that can perform the task of assessing credit risk

Take back a measure of control

Trade credit & Accounts Receivables insurance can help free your company from reliance on accounts receivables over which you and your customers have no control. This action alone improves your ability to keep your business afloat despite unpredictable economic cycles that could otherwise threaten your profitability. Your professional iSure advisor can tell you more about the benefits of trade credit & Accounts Receivables insurance and how establishing this proactive risk strategy can offer additional advantages.