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Group Dental Insurance

The popularity of dental benefits shows no signs of waning; good dental care remains one of the benefits most desired by employees today, including those in the Greater Miami Area. Offering group dental in your employee benefits program will help make your company more appealing to the most sought-after employees, who have come to expect such coverage from an employer. The team of professionals at iSure Insurance Brokers can help you establish a program that supports healthier employees without taking a huge bite out of your bottom line.

Going for the win-win

Your professional iSure advisor can help you select from a variety of programs that focus on delivering quality services. Much like group health insurance, plans can be structured so that costs are paid by the employer, the employee, or shared by both. Your best bet is to offer a variety of services that will appeal to employees in different life circumstances.

  • Traditional plans offer the most flexibility and freedom to visit the dentist of one’s choice, but at the greatest cost. Individuals or highly paid employees often want this flexibility.
  • Preferred provider networks function much like group health coverage. Employees can go in or out of network as they wish but will realize greater savings by visiting in-network dentists that are covered at the preferred rate. This plan appeals to many who want the best of both worlds.
  • Dental health maintenance organizations are the most affordable option. Care is covered only through dentists who participate in an approved group. The lower costs and range of covered services make this a welcome option particularly for families with children.

Decisions are easy with expert advice

Your professional iSure advisors have years of experience in designing these plans to deliver maximum value at affordable prices. We will evaluate your employee demographics and then, based on our recommendations, help you assemble your plan—selecting provider networks, covered services, copayment amounts, benefit levels, and more. Something to smile about: buying at the group level offers economies of scale and lower administrative costs, which saves you money.

Round the clock customer support

Virtually every insurer that is available for selection will have a robust support network. You and your employees will have 24-hour access to everything from secure web-based personal plan information to customer call centers with attentive, helpful associates on the line ready to answer questions and lend a hand.

Got dental?

It’s been proven that good dental care is a key component of overall physical wellbeing. Let the professionals at iSure help you convey a tooth-to-toe commitment to your employees’ health with a great group dental plan.

Be sure with iSure. We welcome the opportunity to protect what you have worked so hard to build. Please contact us at 305.223.2533 to learn more about what we can offer you.