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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

As most companies in the Greater Miami and surrounding areas already know, workers compensation insurance is required by law in the Sunshine State. While companies are understandably concerned about rising costs for this coverage, at the same time you recognize the value that workers compensation brings to their most important asset: your employees. Your iSure Insurance Brokers advisor is committed to leveraging risk-reduction techniques to help keep both your workers and your wallet healthy.

File a claim, receive benefits

We partner with some of the nation’s top insurance providers to offer a quality workers’ compensation program for our clients, so when you need to use it, the coverage is there for you and your employees. In the event a worker is injured on the job and cannot work, workers’ compensation insurance will provide both medical benefits and replacement of wages until the worker can resume his or her duties.

Factors driving premium increases

Employers are concerned about the rise in workers’ compensation premiums, feeling they are helpless to prevent cost creep. We prove otherwise by demonstrating how we can help you counter some of the factors driving those costs, such as:

  • Fraud
  • Workplace safety program
  • Safety record (loss experience)
  • Frequency and severity of claims
  • Loss record compared to other like business in their sector
  • Experience modification factor errors
  • Establish robust accident investigation and return to work programs, prescription medication controls, and case management
  • Increase and improve training
  • Work that safety program
  • Perform incident reviews and analysis
  • Did we mention the safety program?
  • Perform exhaustive review of all documents, policies, and experience modification worksheet to check for and correct costly mistakes

Support doesn’t stop there

The professionals at iSure know that keeping premium costs down is valuable, yet keeping workers safe on the job is priceless. We’re proud to be your partner in doing everything we can to ensure that, at the end of every workday, employees are able to go home to their families.

Be sure with iSure. We welcome the opportunity to protect what you have worked so hard to build. Please contact us at 305.223.2533 to learn more about what we can offer you.