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Aircraft Insurance

Many of our high net worth clients in the Greater Miami Area have schedules or privacy requirements that make owning and operating their own private aircraft a reasonable alternative to commercial travel. Still others simply thrill to the freedom of flight and enjoy piloting their own plane as a hobby or participating in competitions or shows. Either way, the aviation insurance experts at iSure Insurance Brokers can offer you the finest in aircraft coverage whenever you take to the skies in:

  • Single- and light twin engine airplanes
  • Cabin-class craft
  • Jets
  • Helicopters
  • Experimental and kit aircraft

We can also insure ancillary items such as:

  • Airstrips and pads
  • Flight memorabilia
  • Spare parts and tools
  • Hangars and related property
  • Fuel storage

Coverage must be tailored for your needs

Aircraft policies are not standardized, so coverage can vary widely. Knowing this, your iSure advisor will carefully review your needs and how you use your aircraft, matching you with the right policy from a top provider to ensure you have the protection you need. The stakes are quite literally sky-high when it comes to aviation, considering the often extreme cost of bodily injury and property damage associated with an aviation-related accident, so a generous amount of liability coverage is called for.

With decades of experience to draw on, iSure can offer protection from a myriad of property and liability losses, whether they occur on the ground or in the air, and whether your equipment is on board or installed in the aircraft (e.g., components such as communications devices or parts such as wings, flaps, and engines). We base your premiums on factors such as your flying experience; the type of aircraft; frequency of use; non-owned, partial, or total ownership of the aircraft (and whether others also fly it); domestic and/or international destinations; where the aircraft is stored, and much more for you, your crew, and any passengers you might carry.

We can help you soar with security

Clients whose lifestyle includes private aviation require very specific coverage to protect their substantial assets, both on the ground and in the air. The professionals at iSure have the kind of knowledge and expertise required to make sure that you are ready for takeoff.